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Los Feliz is one of the most interesting neighborhoods in the Greater Los Angeles area, it’s a place where most people are highly knowledgeable and know where to get the best of everything. Still, finding the kind of smart, personalized urgent care Los Feliz residents seek out can be a challenge – unless you’re aware of Dr. Michael Farzam and House Call Doctor Los Angeles. While many of us wrongly assume that the traditional urgent care house call simply no longer exists outside of old movies and television shows, Dr. Farzam has been helping countless grateful patients by bringing the best of old fashioned small town medicine into 21st century Los Angeles.

The fact of the matter is that, more than ever, a house call physician is an excellent alternative to more typical urgent care settings for a number of reasons. When you’re sick, you’re natural inclination might well be to stay at home and relax –it’s a healthy instinct! Moreover, by their very nature, clinical waiting rooms are often filled with ill people, some of whom may have communicable illnesses. Taking advantage of the outstanding medical care offered by Dr. Farzam simply makes good sense.

A Sensible Choice

Believe it or not, working with House Call Doctor Los Angeles is far more affordable than you might assume. For patients who are uninsured or have policies with very high deductibles that don’t cover office visits, taking advantage of Dr. Farzam’s services can be significantly less expensive than a visit to a stress-inducing emergency room or clinic. It’s a choice for urgent care Los Feliz residents of all ages are ready for.

Whether you’re a worried parent who’d rather not get a sick child out of bed, or an out-of-towner who’d prefer not to brave the streets of a very large and unfamiliar city while under the weather, seeking out house call urgent care in Los Feliz at your home or hotel room from Dr. Farzam simply makes sense. The same applies to extremely busy working people who’d like to deal with an ongoing condition or minor injury but can’t get away from the office, work site, or film set.

House Call Doctor Los Angeles covers all of greater Los Angeles, so it’s the sound choice for urgent care North Hollywood, Los Feliz, Glendale, Pasadena and Greater Los Angeles residents have been waiting for. For an appointment and/or a fee schedule, call us today at (310) 849-7991.